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:Yawn: It's Monday already?


Previous Entry :Yawn: It's Monday already? Jun. 18th, 2007 @ 02:10 pm Next Entry
The weekend was pretty good. Saturday, I had lunch at the tea room with my young pre-teen daughter and her friend M. It was a hoot - both young ladies were trying their hardest to be "ladies"...the hostess was perfect, the food was great; all in all it was great. I had prepared gift bags with over-the-top necklaces and bracelets for them (hey - if you're going to "do" tea, you should dress the part, yes?) which put both of them in a festive and happy mood.

Home for cake and prezzies - M. insisted on helping unwrap them. :grin: Himself was busy with his prezzies - transformers ("They're OK, mom - except they're not Star Wars Transformers!") We couldn't swim, thanks to the weather, so we stayed indoors and did bubbles, drawings, and played with the new toys. It was a fun day - Herself really enjoyed it.

About 4-ish, Himself and I ran to Thrallmart to get his new glasses ("Week-to-10-days" they said. I guess *2* days = week!) He looks cute, and says he can see well, so...there you have it. :grin:

Sunday was church, then home. It was movie day - Star Wars, then Galaxy Quest, then Star Trek: Insurrection. Oh my goodness - I have Trekkies! :shudder: :grin: (Their daddy would be so proud! :grin:) I had to promise to beg, borrow, or steal the other movies so that they can catch up on their ST lore. :rolleyes: (It started because Herself suddenly realized that Galaxy Quest was parody-ing *something*...so, out came the only ST movie I still own. I *knew* I should have kept the others....) Lord help us if they discover that ST was also a TV SERIES.

I managed to get 2 yarns spun and plied - I finished the red superwash from Arlington, and finished the first of the blue "Air" yarn. I need to skein 'em off, wash 'em, block 'em, then measure 'em. That'll happen....later. :grin: NOT tonight, though - it's SUNNY out, and the pool is calling. :bounces:
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