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My children amaze me sometimes...

we've been discussing our beliefs lately, and the kids instituted a read-thru of Revelation (we're up to Ch. 11). Somehow or other, we got into a discussion of what we will do this December.

"OK" I said. "Tell me how you want to do this. Hanukkah, or Giftmas? You know why I feel the way I do - tell me how *you* feel."

Herself said, "Well, I'd like to do Hanukkah, but the *right* way!" "Erm...what, exactly, do you mean by "right" way?" ":dramatic sigh: You're supposed to Get Presents all 8 days! I want to do *that*!" "Yeah!" piped up Himself. "I'd like to do that, too!" (my children are NOT stupid, obviously...:grin:) She told me she learned that on Clifford, the Big Red Dog.......whatever. :lol:

"Well. OK." I said. "But - you DO realize that this means NO presents from *me* on Dec. 25, yes? Gifts from family, yes - but not from Us (meaning each other)?" Both kids eagerly agreed. "Himself," I asked, "Are you SURE about this? Because, you know, this Santa." He got a bit of a perplexed look on his face...and said "But....but...that's the night before!" Herself snorted, and said "Yeah, but lots of people don't believe in Santa. Besides, 8 days of presents vs. 1?" He blinked, grinned, and said "Yeah. I'm OK with it."

I tried 1 last time: "Are you SURE? Because I know this is a lot to take in, and it's hard to change things we've done for years. I just feel this is right, but I want to not make things too hard on ya'll." He replied, very firmly, "Yes. I'm sure."

"Great!" I said. SO....8 days of presents, with the biggest one on the last day!" They both got very happy with that one...:grin:

Of course, now my gift list is a little different (not bigger - with stocking stuffers and Santa gifts it'll come out about the same, actually) - I have to find "small", medium, bigger, a little bigger...up to Biggest now. This should be fun....:grin: OH, yeah - and get candles. (Herself wants a menorah, too...we'll see.)

Oh, and FYI - Permanent accounts are on sale now. If it's like last time, you have 2 weeks to get them a check.
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