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The financial advisor was full of his normal doom-and-gloom today, so the Company took us out to lunch. :grin: Fish - nut-crusted catfish. Yum! I'll have to try the nut-crusted Trout next time, as I have been assured that it is even *better* than the catfish.

Not much else to report - work is busy, kids are great..oh. I now find myself with *3* children instead of 2. :grin: M. has decided that I am "Mom"....I'm OK with it, so......there ya go. She's spending next weekend with us, so I guess I need to get in gear for that.

My house is in the middle of a swamp. My backyard is full of muddy horse. The lawsuit against me for my septic system is still there, but my septic guy is working on it (and he's PISSED. Very. I find that oddly amusing.)

Pot roast in crockpot for dinner tonight....yum. Plus - I don't have to do anything but slap a salad on the plates and we're ready to eat.

Off like a prom dress - fingers crossed it doesn't rain. We didn't get to swim yesterday because of, we *gotta* swim tonight or the kids will self-destruct!
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