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Rumor has it that the animals at the Dallas Zoo are drawing lots to see who gets to load up first. :grin: Have I mentioned it's been raining here lately? Like...a LOT?

Got an interesting package in the mail - a copy of the "Glasgow Bible". :snicker: It's a selection of Bible stories, but with a twist - they're written in the common vernacular of Glasgow. Seriously - it's a *hoot*. I can Hear the brogue - I just can't read it. :giggle: Quote from "the Good Samaritan": 'Aye, weel than Jimmie, ye do th' same'. :snicker:

You can't *use* it for study, of course, but it's hysterical none the less. Made for an interesting Bible study after supper! :snicker:

I wanted to take some pics last night - both baby girls were playing in the mud, and it was *so* cute - but...the rain wouldn't stop. I also wanted to get pics of the swamp I am now living in - the creek was about 10' on either side out of it's banks; the bottom of both paddocks is water, and my backyard is a lake. Dusty is mud from his shoulders to his hooves........we'll be growing webbed feet soon.

Got the oil changed last night - I was surprised that the owner remembered me (it's been...almost a year since I last went there). They're really nice, and don't try to sell you anything you don't need. They also send out reminder cards. :grin:

Didn't get to see the counsellor this week - his wife was rushed to the hospital Monday AM for emergency surgery. Hope she recovers soon.

Not much else to report - I'm scouting out wood for an ark. :grin:
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