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Nasty, NASTY lunch today....we tried a new place - Greenz!. Blech. Salads...but ICKY ones. I had the Mediterranian Chicken, which sounded OK - fruit, marinated chicken, field greens, with a strawberry vinegrette. Blech! :face:

Yesterday's lamb salad was MUCH better!

I'm thinking of getting some ducks, and maybe guniea hens (or however you spell it). They'll help with the grasshoppers...give eggs.....BUT. The ducks would mess up the pool. :ponder: Hens are dirty...I gotta think about this some more.

Not much else - co-worker is on a mercy mission...she's trying to nab us some "real" food to make up for the icky lunch. :grin:

OH - Dad just called. The old pastor at my former church was in a horrible accident this weekend. He fell asleep at the wheel; she's in a coma not expected to live and he's bruised.
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