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We survived!

And, I don't know how you parents with 3 kids (or MORE) do it! :grin: M. is a sweet thing, too sensitive by half, but sweet. Pretty easy-going, and nowhere near a picky eater as I had been led to believe (for me, anyway - she devoured the curried chicken like a champ, wasn't too impressed by the pancakes, only snarfed down 1 hot dog....the egg this AM was a winner, as was the Sonic cheeseburger. We'll see about the tacos tonight. :lol:)

We hit Sally's Beauty Supply last night - the girls scored hair bling (well, me too - but I got 3 for $4, theirs was $9/EACH!!), and some nail polish - Himself got a Hairbrush (it was all he wanted). He was a big help - he kept grabbing my stuff and carrying it up to the counter for me. :grin:

I ordered a really pretty silk snood the other day - hope it fits as well as it looks! Herself saw the picture, and decided Right Then that she *needed* one, too. Headcoverings are NOT Biblically required, but I like to wear a hat or something - it's a personal thing - and she's decided that maybe she'd like to do it, too. No arguements here - if she decides it's not for her, then I'll have a "peacock" colored snood, too. :big grin:

Church....:sigh: Milk, milk, milk. I thought the sermon would be a winner....but it was dumbed down. I want Meat, dammit! Thank G-d for Torah Class - at least I get *some* meat each day! I've made it to Leviticus now - it's Facinating reading. Just - the way the teacher ties the NT into it it absolutely Mind-blowing. If you really want to get into the Word - try Torah Class. Seriously - it's Fantastic!

Ooops - oven's beeping! Gotta get the brownies out!
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