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Previous Entry Urk... Jul. 2nd, 2007 @ 03:18 pm Next Entry
I have had a massive headache since yesterday...gee, wonder why? :wry grin: Think it's...stress, maybe? :sigh:

I need to find a costumer....I need a new chemise. Not just any chemise - I can make those - but a *special* one. We were watching "Taming of the Shrew" yesterday, and I *need* one like the one Richard Burton was wearing on his wedding night (only...cleaner. And fitted to me...:grin:)

I immediately dug out the big inkle loom, and warped up a way cool ribbon for the neck and cuffs. I just need to find someone who can sew one up for me....*this* ribbon was a test one, so is a bit......bright, but the idea I had worked, and I'd like to use it. I'll warp up a diferent one for "real" :grin:

This ribbon has red borders, and the center is alternating bars of yellow and a varigated "fiesta" yarn. It's BRIGHT, but the bars are working like I thought they would, and NO ONE will be able to figure out what I did. :grin: The yellow bars are easy...the varigated ones look like little pixels, but they Change every few sheds. Totally COOL. It would look awesome on a saffron or red (or even blue or green) chemise......(hint, hint! :grin:) Pictures WILL be forthcoming - sometime soon.

Back to it......headache and all.
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