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G-d is SO Good - as if there was any doubt. Why do I say this? Well....

My car: The van's transmission was going out - not just out, but OUT. As in, it wouldn't shift out of first gear - which is NOT a good thing when you are trying to merge into the freeway during rush hour traffic. :shudder: We had quite a few near my first meeting with my attorney, I asked her what I could do about it. Since it was a safety issue, she told me to go ahead and "Do what you gotta do. We'll handle it".

So, I prayed about it, and went to the dealership the next day. 2 hours later, I was the proud owner of a new-to-me pickup. V-8, fully loaded....and 1/2 the price of a new model (it was a demo.) The best part? (Besides the working transmission? :grin:) It gets 18+ MPG - which, for a V-8, is pretty darn good! AND, the payments are only $50 more a month then the van payments!

It's not what I went in there for - I wanted a Chevy Trailblazer. But.....the Trailblazer would NOT have worked for me and my family - hauling grain would have been impossible - and I had told G-d I would gratefully accept whatever was offered to me.

My finances: I no longer have a savings account - the attorney fees/court costs ate it all up. BUT.......I keep being provided for. I got a rebate of the registration fees on the pickup - which was just what I needed to fill up my pantry. I got a bonus from my boss, which paid for Himself's big Hannukah present. The list goes on - the thing is, I didn't ASK for any of it, nor did I expect it. As for the savings account - eh. I figure, I'll have one if I need one...the bills are being met and we have just enough extra to do fun things, and that's what counts, yes?

My children: The psycologist is pleased with their progress. We still have a way to go - but both of them have gotten noticably better. Their attitudes at home are *terrific*, which is great news. They both work together now - which they NEVER did before. (Both of them spent 2 hours yesterday working on a model. WAY cool!)

My horses: 3 fillies. Need I say more? :grin:

I've noticed in the past that when I am doing the things I am supposed to do, blessings follow. That had stopped....but it's begun again. If it was only 1 or 2 things, or only 1 or 2 times, I could write it off as a coincidence....but it's not. It happens over and long as I do what G-d wills, we are blessed.
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