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I've been RAOK'd!

Annie (the COTFU) sent me some loverly handmade soap....which had to immediately be put on top of the fridge so the Zoey-monster wouldn't eat it. *g* Must find a spot in the bathroom that is accessible by me but not by her.(this may prove to be problematic) *g* Thanks Annie - it will be put to very good use!!

I have another parcel waiting for me, but can't pick it up until Saturday. I can't read the name on the slip, so I have no idea if it's a RAOK, or an Ebay, or books....I do know that it's not my new wheel - I'd recognize AA's name in just about any variation. *bg* Oh, well - anticipation is wonderful!

Haven't done much on the loom - last night was ballet. I have, however....been working on my laundry room wall. It's turning out too cute!! Pics will come later, when it's finished. *g*

And, thanks guys for helping with the iPod - I have 4 folks that have signed up but not quite completed the offers (thanks bunches!!) but I need 5 to get the free iPod.

I really appreciate this!!!

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