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Hope ya'll all had a happy and safe 4th! We had a blast :heh: - we ran down to NASA. Good thing, too - they had set up a tour of the NBL (Neutral Bouyancy Lab - the humoungous pol that the astronauts use to train in zero-g) and We Got to GO! It was awesome - there was no one there, of course, since it was the hooliday, but still - whoa. The pool holds over 600,000,000 gallons of water - and they have a lot of the space station trainers in there, and..well, it's cool! I have pictures - I'll try to upload them soon. :grin: It's dial-up only here (I do cheap hotels)

Since I had to take Tuesday off, and Wednesday was a holiday...I kinda took off the whole week. :grin: Monday we ran to Ft. Worth for the "Star Wars - Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit. It was.....Fabulous! We were only there 1.5 hours - I could have stayed much longer - the kids liked it, but they didn't want to stop and study all the details. Kids! :grin:

Himself built a "landspeeder" with legos and magnets - it really, truly, floated above the track! He magnatized it, and it ran down the track - totally cool. Both kids got to ride a hover-car - THAT was fun! Himself then "built" a robot (the body was already built - he just needed to add the wheels), and he took it to a station where he programmed it to do stuff. WAY cool - the first station had 3 steps, you picked a direction and a time limit, then downloaded it into the 'bot and hit Go. The 2nd station was similar, but you had a sensor on the robot that told it when to do the next step. It was cool to watch him figure out what to do, when. :grin:

Both kids then tried to get another robot to walk - it's harder than you'd think!

We got to see a lot of the SFX models from all 6 movies - the original X-wing, the Falcon, a bunch of the Empire's transports....AND a lot of the original costumes. Darth Vader, from #4? Yup. Leia's "Help me Obi-Wan" dress? Yuppers! Yoda from 4,5,and 6? Chewbacca from 5? Vader's mask from the end of #3? Oh, YEAH baby!

I only got 32 pictures, my stupid camera decided it didn't want to do any work. :sigh: We WILL be going back - it was well worth the fee. I HIGHLY recommend travelling to see it, if you can - especially if you are a Fan. (If you are a FAN, then you NEED to go - but you've probably already got your tickets. :giggle:)

NASA today was awesome - not only did we get to see the NBL, we got to visit the "Animal Grossology" exhibit, and do all the other things there. The kids loved trying to drive the Mars Rovers, then Himself got to try and land the Shuttle. :grin: We did all the "usual" NASA things - my kids are pros now, and know what they want to do.

We hit Half-Price Books after - Herself got a Snake puppet; Himself got an Astronomy book (by Asimov - that's my boy!). I picked up a few books myself....then it was "home" for the evening. It's been raining all day, so No Swimming for us! :pout:

Fireworks are starting - fireworks over the water are totally awesome!

(Thursday afternoon)

Stupid laptop didn't want to boot up today - it finally did this afternoon. :grin: We spent the day at the Kemah Boardwalk - it started raining at 2:30 AM, and didn't stop until 8, then spit on us off and on all day. The kids rode the carosel, then we hit the Aquarium Restaurant - they LOVED it. The 50,000 gallon one in the middle of the restaurant kept them occupied - and my camera decided to cooperate, so I got LOTS of photos.

After lunch, we hit the Sting-Ray reef, and fed the rays. Woah! They are the funkiest feeling things - and it's very odd to have one suddenly lurch up the side of the tank to envelope your hand to eat the fish. :blink: The crocs were OK...but the Rays were awesome.

We hit a few Thrift stores after - it was cool. Not a whole lot for the kids, but they both got a stuffed animal. We went to Ben and Jerry's after that - they were thrilled with it (Chocolate Fudge Brownie was their choice - I got a Brownie Fudge sundae with Cookies n Cream.......yummm!)

The kids want to hit the mall...we'll see. :grin:

Got quite a bit done on the shawl....mindless knitting is great for waiting in lines and stuff.
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