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Sermon today was more of the same....I won't dissemate it, since it'll just be a repeat of last weeks. :grin: I will say, though, that I *HATE* it when they cut a couple of verses out in the middle of the message, and Pastor doesn't even *mention* them...especially when it causes the fuzzy-luvvvy folks to miss the point entirely (G-d is NOT fuzzy-wuzzy...he is still a jealous god and WILL punish those who don't follow his commandments)

Am still exhausted from our vacation - driving 4 hours at a time *kills* me. Fun thing - I get to do it again soon to take Herself to camp. At least I'll have a companion - one of the other moms will go with, since her daughter is also going. We can split the driving - yippee! :grin:

Got the septic sprayer replaced today - one of my neighbors happens to be a former Septic inspector, and knew exactly how to replace the blasted thing (I couldn't get the broken sprayer head wrists just don't have the strength). It's now ready for this month's inspection - AND, he reset the volume control (or....something) - it sprays heavier and longer now. For...whatever reason. :grin:

Did another deep conditioning treatment to my hair today - 1/3 cup honey, 1/3 cup strong chamomile tea, and 1/6 cup Mane n Tail + 1/6 cup VO5 calming chamomile. It frothed right up (which means the honey released the peroxide - yeah!) and slathered on easily. Left it in 2+'s now drying. The roots are noticably brighter - which was the goal. The curls are...well, BACK. Nice, springy S-curls from my ears down. Can't wait to see what it does tomorrow!

Sore throat today...just what I needed. I'm slurping down some Irish Breakfast tea - hope it helps. Raspberry is up next....gotta beat it down before work tomorrow.

Oh! Before I forget - my attorney told me to keep her informed. She's a nice lady - very expensive, but worth every penny (even if her staff is a bit...disorganized sometime. :heh:) Think I need to knit her something.....:evil grin:

Shawl is coming along. It's a big...garter stitch....triangle at the moment. I am getting So Sick of garter..but soon (hopefully) I'll be starting the lace edging. I'm contemplating changing the pattern...we'll see. I ususally don't follow a pattern exactly....not sure if I want to cahnge this one up or not. I've already changed the yarn and the color....:grin:

Need to refresh the mug...
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