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Would somebody please tell me...

just what the hell I was thinking winding a 9.5 yard warp of 10/2 singles? 20+" of it? At 24 EPI????

This warp has been the nastiest thing to try and beam. Somehow or the other, one of the warp chains has gotten all twisted - I was very careful to chain it off properly, even though the warping board is literally *right*behind* the loom; I just have to turn around and drop the chain on the bench. I've snapped 3 threads - in the middle of the warp, no less, and I still have approx. 2 yards to go. (It might be the same thread that - I have 3 knots in about the same spot on the back beam, about 1 - 1.5 yards apart. I'm thinking the burgandy yarn may be a bit weak.)

*sigh* At least I have help - Himself has claimed the position of loom-boy, and no one - and I mean No One is allowed to crank the back beam except him. The little dear even got up early this AM to help. What'd'ya think, is he hooked? *g*

In fact, he talked the director of the daycare into letting him bring *his* loom in tomorrow. All by himself.....she agreed, so now I get to haul that thing in tomorrow. I'm not upset - I'm rather amused by it - but...that sucker's heavy! I'm not sure she knows what she agreed to........*eg*

Herself is weaving at it. She's not as enthralled as he is, but she's at least got a warp on and has woven 2" or so. We'll see how long it lasts!

Oh, and thanks everybody for the referrals for the free iPod! I think I have enough - just have to wait until they complete the offers, but if you want to sign up, I won't complain! Here's the link:

and I really, really appreciate it! They have some free offers, and some not too expensive ones - mine is something *I* don't use/need, but will make a terrific Christmas present. *g* For under $20, too!

Must run - we actually have work to do! Yee-Haw!
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