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:sigh: There must be a snot shortage somewhere, because my nose has been busy trying to single-handedly (single-nosedly?) solve it. least the sore throat has disappeared...for now.

Had to mow the lawn tonight - a newspaper reporter is coming out Saturday to interview *me*. :bounce: She wants the dirt on spinning/weaving/ I figured I'd better dig out the house - the weeds were....well, I won't say *how* tall the grass had gotten, but it bogged down the Kubota numerous times.

It's NOT my fault, BTW - it has rained virtually *every* single day since FEBRUARY. The days it hasn't rained, it's been too wet to do anything outside.

It looks good - and the kids tidied up the inside for me. :smile: Ever since we started keeping the Sabbath, they have been eager to help get the house ready. It's *great*!

Gotta run - I need to take some more Thera-flu to try and fix my nose!
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