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I got interviewed yesterday by the local paper. The reporter was here for a bit over an hour; we talked about knitting, spinning, weaving, tatting, sheep, alpacas......and she took pictures. LOTS of pictures - her favorite was of me, inside my loom (aka Sharon Alderman in her old Interweave photos :grin:)with FO's scattered over the front beam. One of the spinning photos is supposed to be on the Front Page :ack:!

Because of her impending visit, I decided I should probably start the warping I have 1/3 of a dishtowel warp measured and draped over the shafts. The warping mill (LOVE it!) is in the Family Room with the start of the next chain (she was totally flabbergasted at the amount of work and time needed to dress a loom - and even more so when she found out how quickly you weave it off. :grin:) Looks like I'll have some new dishtowels soon.....

I'm thinking my next big project will be a cotlin tablecloth....someone talk me out of it! :grin: I'd have to :gasp: BUY the yarn for it......:faints:

Got the TNG dvds in yesterday...from HONG KONG (No mention of it in the listing - he's from MN, supposedly.) :grrrr:. Needless to say, they don't play (I tried them in *4* dvd players, and, no dice - they wouldn't play at all on 3 of 'em; they started in the portable, but after about 15 minutes froze up and wouldn't do *anything* :sigh:) The seller said he'd send me another set so we could see if it was just this one...if the new set won't play, I'll get a refund. (I don't WANT a refund - I want to watch the dvds!!!) Ahhh, well......

Gotta get breakfast ready...
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