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Sermon Notes...

Y'know, I'm glad I started doing this - I found out that I'm not the only one frustrated. :sigh: It's a very sad thing...but, anyway.

Today's Gospel was "The Good Samaritan". *Everyone* knows the story, and everyone knows the moral "help everyone, even (especially) if they are NOT like you". So, I thought that hey - this is ONE sermon I won't get disgusted over.


First off, he describes a painting by Rembrant (and we have a bit of a digression over Rembrandt's full name...WTF.) :yawn: Painting....hmmm, maybe he'll tie it in sooner or later. Then he brings up the fact that, in the lower right (left? Whatever) corner there is a dog....doing his business. ???????????!!!!!!!!???????????

The rest of the sermon? Focused ON THE DAMN DOG. :blink: Oh, he tried to claim that it was bringing the ordinary into the divine....but it didn't work. I guess it never occurred to him that maybe the dog was just...filler. There because maybe Rembrandt had some spare space.......

The point is, Pastor didn't mention the *story* at all, except in the description of the painting. He tried to tie in Luke 13 (quick synopsis: 3 year old fig tree, no fruit. Owner wants to chop it down and replant, worker says no, let me care tenderly for it for another year, and we'll see. I'll even fertilize it!)...but, no dice, unless it was the "put manure on it for a year" part he was referring to.

:sigh: I dunno what's gonna happen......but things, they will be a'changing, methinks. (Manure = Good Samaritan. THAT went over well.....)
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