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:sigh: It sucks to be a grown up sometimes....

I've reached the difficult decision to cut back the number of horses I have (I'm sitting at....8 right now. oy vey!) So....Finn, Moonie, her 07 filly, and Erynne's 07 filly are all on the "for sale" list. :sigh: I just don't have the time to deal with everything anymore.

Especially since Finn was in the mare's pasture last night. Neither of them are in heat, so no harm, but STILL.....he ran over me 3x while I was moving him - I'm getting too old for this. He's in the round pen right now...Dusty is still in the's a zoo here!

Got circus tickets last night - this should be fun. The kids are looking forward to it (Note to Self: Do NOT order stuff while the kids are around. BIG Mistake! :grin:)

Other than that....not much going on.
Tags: blather, kids, pets

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