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Wheee! It's Friday

and Mrs. Boss is on the plane heading off to.....somewhere. Anywhere. I don't care - we have 7 days of Freedom! *ahem* get stream-of-consciousness posting. :grin:

We are taking today as a Mental Health day - no "real" work, just personal stuff. I am in the middle of updating my webpage....I needed a break, so what do I do? Head over to LJ. :lol: Not sure *when* I'll get the update actually, y'know, *uploaded* - this is kind of big (I'm adding pictures, and pages...especially of our vacations...and this will take mucho room, and I don't know if I have enough, so I'll have to upgrade my server, which means paying more $$$, which'll have to wait until payday, because, y'know, I hit the grocery store yesterday and.......well, anyway. :grin:) I left my knitting in the truck - my left wrist is swollen, stiff, and sore, so..the shawl is on hiatus for the moment. I'm up to 6 acetaminophen a day, and they're not helping - think I might need to add in some ibuphrofen. Fun times!

Speaking of the grocery store, our local Brookshire's had a heck of a sale running......I got a full month's worth of groceries, *plus* an extra month of canned goods, PLUS stuff for my mother...for a little over $200. I'm feeling pretty good.....the sticker shock was funny, but we have a food reserve now. :whew:!

I had to replace my purse today - the one I've been using died this AM (shoulder strap gave up the ghost..and I have NO spare purse :sigh:). Ebay to the rescue - a new Dooney & Burke Equestrian Leather bag for...$40. :blink: Yeah, baby - it should last me at *least* 3 years, so it was a good deal. I need to price sun shades for the pool - I had researched them last year, found a whale of a deal on eBay, and was told NO. :sigh: So, I'll re-do the foot work and see how cheap I can get them this year ($49/pair last year. Bet I can't match that price *this* year! :sigh:)

Have 3 kidlets this weekend - should be fun. M. is NOT allowed in the pool, per Dad, so we need to find other things to do. No big deal - they've forcasted rain (again!), so we'd need indoor things anyway. I *do* have to get current photos of the sale ponies - a friend has offered to try and move 'em out for me (I jumped on the chance), so I have NO Excuse. :grin:

I also have no excuse for not coding the webpages...back to the grind!
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