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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Blargh....(now with Sermon Notes!)

thank goodness it's Monday! 3 kids are a lot more of a handful than 2...especially when 1 is not used to having to share all.the.time.
:bangshead: She's a sweet child, but very manipulative....I am working on it. It'll make her dad's life *much* easier if I can break her of it (gently, though - it has to be eased into. She's not mine, so I can't just dive right in and "fix" it all at once. :grin:)

Needless to say, I got *no* pictures this weekend. Saturday I had too many fires to put out, and then my Dad came over.....yesterday was church, and it was overcast, so no pictures at all. :sigh: The only thing we accomplished was washing the truck (which is why it was overcast the rest of the weekend :grin:)

Sermon Notes: This week actually was not too bad. It was "Mary Magdalene Sunday" we got part of the Resurrection story. I wish pastor had focused more on the redemption aspect, and the fulfillment of prophecy aspects instead of the catholic church's canonization of Mary, but hey - it wasn't too bad. Milk, but not sour.

I'm up to Lev. 25 now - the "Jubilee" chapter. It's...fascinating. :blink: I can't believe how much the roman church has screwed up Christianity. Seriously.....I found out recently a friend is Jewish (no, I didn't know - it never came up in any of our conversations! :grin:) and she's agreed to answer my (stupid) questions....I look forward to some really cool things to study. I've already learned *so* much - I had no clue how well the OT prophecies were actually fulfilled in the NT, or how all the sacrifices were fulfilled completely.....just, wow.

Speaking of which...I'm getting the feeling that something *big* is gonna happen soon. Elul starts Aug. 12 (I's right around that date if not right ON it), which is major repentence time. Tomorrow is a big day - it's a day of "breaking" in Israel, so...what with all the stuff going down in Syria, Iran, and Iraq right now, I'm watching there....SOMETHING is going to happen soon....and it'll be big. Prophetic, even.....

And, to change the subject...I found out (I'm so *stupid*) that catfish are unclean. :sigh: *I* had no clue - it's a fish, right? Only....NO scales. :big sigh: Gotta find something else I can eat when we go to the fish place..........(and no, I had NO CLUE that a catfish had no scales. I don't know that I've ever actually *looked at* a catfish....the only fish I'm at all familiar with are goldfish and bettas. I am a dumb blonde sometimes...) Yes, it's forgiven...but I should have known better. (Now, I do. :grin:)

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