Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Why, yes - it IS Friday now!

Finally! :grin:

Only got 2" sleyed on the loom yesterday - the bread finished, and I needed to get a locking pin for my trailer hitch, AND we had to be at the church by 4:30.....but hey, 2"! At 20 epi! Double-sleyed in a 10-dent reed....which takes longer for me, but it's no big deal.

Won't get any more done on it this weekend - I have to haul Herself to Horse Camp. Whee - a full week with only 1 kid (well...4 days. M. is coming over Thursday, so we'll be back up to 2 until Friday evening, when I'll be up to 3 again....:grin:) will Himself and I manage? I'm sure we'll think of *something*.

Got one of the daycare ladies knitting now. :evil grin: World domination starts now.....:heh:

Had to open a dispute with paypal - the seller that I got the defective DVDs from has gone AWOL. :sigh: I really want the DVD set....but I'll take a refund. At least then I could try to replace it with legitimate copies of the DVDs.....:sigh: Here's hoping paypal sees it my way and refunds the money. :sigh:

Off to work a bit on the shawl....I'm at 104 stitches on each side...out of 119. *Then* I can start the fun stuff! (Unless I change the which case I'll need to do some math. I'm thinking on it...)
Tags: blather, knitting, weaving

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