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So, as I'm sure y'all know, Texas is Big. Not just BIG, but HUGE. I've lived here all my life - I *know* it's big....but knowing and KNOWING are 2 different things.

I took Herself, another girl, and her mom down to Church camp this weekend. This particular camp is south of Fredericksburg by about an hour (Fredericksburg is south of San Antonio by...about an hour, and San Antonio is south of me by.....well, too damn much!), so other mom (hereafter known as OM) and I decided to leave on Saturday at 8 AM.

Now, on a map, the campsite and Houston are about the same measured distance. I figured, OK, Houston is 3 hours (4 if you drive slow), so....since the camp is off the beaten track, let's add an hour....5 hours. Coolness - I can do 5 hours! We can do some shopping in Fredericksburg (a nice German town, with lots of Artists), smooze around, hit the hotel....yeah, let's do THAT.

We left at 8:15-8:30. We pulled into Fredericksburg at 3 PM. We stopped for lunch, yes - at Dairy Queen (30 minutes, tops). *6* hours. With another hour to go to hit the actual camp. :gulp: Thank goodness we did it in 2 days!

We got to see the bat emergence at an old train tunnel Saturday night - over 1 million bats (Mexican Freetail, if you care - cute, small l'il bats. That eat over 2 tons of bugs A NIGHT. Go, Bats!) It was cool - and I know a bunch of weird stuff about bats. :grin: Including the fact that they shut all the airports down from 10 minutes before sundown to an hour afterwards - the bats were causing accidents. (Doppler records are AWESOME to see - it looks like there's one hell of a thunderstorm when the emergences get really going. :giggle:)

Yesterday, we got up, moseyed out of the hotel, then headed south. We got to the camp 1.5 hours early...which was good. Check-in wasn't until *3* PM...since we were the first there, they checked the girls in at straight up 3. OM and I pulled out at 3:30, and hustled our way North-ish.

I did get caught in Waco......16 miles over the posted limit. :sigh: Ah, well - this makes up for all the times they *haven't* caught me. I honestly didn't realize the limit had dropped from 70 to 60....oh, well. We had made awesome time up to that point - after that, I was so gun-shy I grimly watched the spedometer....we pulled into OM's town at 10 PM. I was home by 10:30. :yawn:

4 AM came WAY TOO early today...I am brain-dead. Dead, dead, dead.......glad there's nothing too important on the schedule today! :grin:

The campgrounds are amazing - it's located in the Hill Country, and it is just gorgeous out there. Rolling hills (duh!), wildflowers out the wazoo, horses grazing, sheep *everywhere* - Herself at first didn't want to stay. Then I found a lizard - that's all it took! :grin: When we left, she was happily creating a masterpiece (a nametag) to hang on the end of her bunkbed. She'd already decided that the camp admin was her bestest friend (she knew about the lizards! And the frogs! Whee!) and her assigned counsellor is way cool, since she likes birds! And butterflies! (Herself is my nature-ologist. And rock-ologist. She's gonna *LOVE* it out there!) The horses seemed gentle enough (and I'm hard to please!), and they had tons of helmets for all the kids. (So, I took mine back home. :giggle:) The chapels were "cowboy-ish"....I think she'll do ok. I hope so - she's 7 hours away!

One of the other church moms will be brining ALL the girls home (4 from our church) - we have to meet near her house at 10-ish Friday evening. least I can sleep in Saturday. (But, we have circus tickets at have to wake up and get moving by 11 :grin:) At least I don't have to drive back down there! (Although it *is* gorgeous out there!)
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