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Today was Promotion Day.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Today was Promotion Day....

Previous Entry Today was Promotion Day.... Aug. 2nd, 2007 @ 10:02 am Next Entry
I didn't get a raise, but I did get a new job description! My titles now include "Chief Duck Wrangler". :snicker: See what ya'll miss by not working in my happenin' place? :giggle:

Mrs. Boss has a lovely pool - and the ducks agree. Mama duck was sitting on eggs (9 in total, it appears)...they hatched sometime last night/early this AM (we didn't know she was sitting - we'd checked last week, but didn't see her). 4 fluffy, silly, ducklings were in her pool this AM...and they couldn't get out.

So, me to the rescue. :snicker: I managed to get the 4 out - we found a deceased one in one of the skimmer baskets - and relocated to the garden...but she just called me, and all 4 are back in the pool. :sigh: Mama's not - she's PiSsEd OfF at the moment. :chuckle:

I'm not to go back out there right now....but I have a feeling I'll be chasing ducks again this afternoon/tomorrow. :snicker:
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