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I think I know... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry I think I know... Sep. 23rd, 2004 @ 06:31 pm Next Entry
what caused the warp chain to get all twisted. It's a long, complicated, sad story, starring a young, intrepid 4 year old weaver, a harried and thirsty Mom, and an inquisitive Irish Wolfhound.

OH, you want to hear the story? I could do the Cliff No- oh, no, you want the whole story, don't you? Well.........OK.

See, my studio occupies the formal dining room. It's right off of the kitchen, very convienent for those spur of the moment dye projects. Also good for those sudden hunger pains. *Ahem* I digress....my warping board is on the wall near the door. The loom is maybe 4 feet from that - I can literally turn around and drop the warp chains on the breast beam of the loom. Very close, but very convienient.

So....I had wound all the warp. 3 bouts consisting of approximately 100 threads, 9.5 yards long. I was very careful in the tieing and chaining, and I was very precise in the placing of the chains on the breast beam. I didn't want any problems during the beaming, you see. (HA!)

I got thirsty, so I went into the kitchen, got a glass of tea, and sat down at the dining room table to relax my neck and arms. Zoey, apparantly, decided to see what I was up too - I had kicked her out of the studio when I starting winding the warp.

Now, wolfhounds are very inquisitive. And very smart. I think if - well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, I was in the kitchen. Himself came into the studio to see if it was his turn to crank the beam, and saw Zoey sniffing the warp chains. Chaos ensued - he told her no and grabbed her tail, which, of course, in Wolfhound language means "Let's play NOW". She got her nose tangled in the chain, spun around, and they begin playing.........

I hear the commotion, go in to see what's going on, and see nothing. The chain is slightly swinging, but not big, and it's not wet..........The rest of the scenario has been reconstructed from what I know about Zoey and what Himself told me. Or at least I think that's what he told me - he was laughing pretty hard.

So. Here we are. 7 yards or so beamed....2.5 yards tangled. I have ordered a set of lease sticks - I do NOT want this to happen again! *g*

So, how is your day going?
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