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Previous Entry Urk.... Aug. 5th, 2007 @ 06:21 am Next Entry
Let's see - Herself made it home safely Friday evening. We got to be around 11 PM - bedtime is normally 8. :yawn:

Saturday: Did NOT pickup the loot - it rained (and poured) Friday, so Mr. Former rugweaver called it off - too muddy. We'll try again later in the week. No problem - I went back to bed. :grin:

Circus......1 word. Sucked. I realize I'm jaded now, but UGH. NO Trapeeze act, NO high-wire act, minimal animal acts...for a "Circus of Dreams" it was really *lame*. The kids were fascinated, but not enchanted - which is sad, IMNSHO. SO Not worth the $30/ticket my mother paid out (and let's NOT even mention the swag, or the food prices!).

OK, there was *1* trapeeze girl - the "wife" of the "family" "randomly" chosen from the "audience"...she did a 2 minute number of nothing much. The "dad" wanted to be ringmaster (and the coat just! Magically! fit! him!), the "daughter" wanted to be a "famous" circus dancer (and wow! The slut wear just happened to fit her perfectly, too! Oh, how cool! :barf:) and the "son"...had no clue. 'I'm just a little kid! There's nothing for me to do' said in a whiny voice.....and this, from an Asian (the rest of the "family" were as white as Mrs. Baird's bread) who was taller than "mom". (OH, and who also was a well-trained gymnast - just sayin')

I dunno about *you*, but if I was chosen to do *anything* in the circus, and couldn't think of what to do....if elephants started "talking" to me, I'd get a Narc officer to check the water, ifyaknowwhatImean. (Yeah - they used the AAC's screen to "look" backstage....and the freaking elephants talked to the "kid". R i g h t.

The tigers looked drugged (they kept flashing the action on the screen - oh, yeah - *1* Ring. And they only used 1/2 the stadium. :yawn:), the horses were ticked, the elephants were bored out of their ever-lovin' minds......

I miss the "old" days, when the Ringling Bros. circus was 3-rings of action, when the clowns were awesome, the animals actually acted like they hated humans and only the skill of the trainer kept you from seeing a bloodbath (I really miss Gunther Gabel-Williams)....this? *Shriner* Circuses have more action!

AH, well - only 1 kid got sick from the popcorn, so I'd call it a successful outing (if boring). They all got souviniers....overpriced ones, but they got 'em. Now to get them up and ready for church....
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