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Blah de blah de blah...

I've been tatting up a storm lately! Am halfway done with my first bookmark - it's pretty. I need to work on consistancy, but it's looking like an actual bookmark! :grin: Mine's in size 10 crochet cotton, in varigated blues/greens (mostly blue tones). Pretty!

First guild meeting tonight - should be fun! I met two other fiber artists on Sunday - one of them is an *awesome* spinner - I am in awe! She showed me some of her consignment yarns - WOW. I aspire to be that good! Seriously - beautiful, beautiful yarns! The other raises llamas - and if the fiber she brought to show me is any example - Whoa! I may have found me a new obsession! Super soft, lovely colors.......ahh...wonder how much I can squeeze into my attic? :big grin:

Right now, though, tatting has me enthralled. I need to find a source for silk tatting thread......I want/need to tat some lace for a chemise. (Yeah, yeah - I need to finish weaving the trim, too.....but tatting is easier to haul around. Besides, a girl can never have too many chemises, right? :grin:)

The pool was *perfect* last night - right temp, right depth, total bliss. Too bad I'll miss it tonight....especially since it gets cleaned today. Ah, well - there's always tomorrow!
Tags: blather, guild, tatting

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