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Previous Entry Whee! Aug. 8th, 2007 @ 11:07 am Next Entry
The meeting last night went great - even if I had screwed up the date (it..umm..was supposed to be NEXT week :bangshead:) :grin: We'll be having another one next week, with even MORE people - whee!!!!

Waiting for Sears today....what fun! My bedroom is tidy (finally!) the laundry is empty (whoa!), dishes are all washed (by hand, yet!)....and I'm pooped. :grin: Will be hitting the couch later for some much needed napping..the kids can be on the lookout for Sears and wake me up when he gets here.

Am about 3/4 done on the tatted bookmark. I need to work on my tension, and on keeping my picots even, but it looks good. I've already got 4 or 5 new projects lined up :grin: (let's not count the knitting, weaving, or spinning projects, ok?)

Got a whale of a deal on fabric napkins - set of 4 for $0.95. I grabbed 4 sets - 2 gold, and 2 green. They're lovely, and will look nice on the table. Now, I just need to weave off the current crop of dishtowels and start on a tablecloth :grin:

Back to work - gotta feed the hungry masses before they expire!
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