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Well, today will be interesting...

see, Himself took the 12H table loom to daycare ("school") with him today. I knew they weren't expecting what he brought - Loom, to most people, means either those dinky potholder thingies you get at Thrall-mart or those silly little Brio-type things. (Note: The Brio looms are actually OK, if a bit limited in scope. Just sayin').

Well, I don't believe in tossing money around on something I won't be able to use. The Brio looms are too small, the Harrisville Easy Weavers are a wee bit silly (and hard for a young beginner to use - they are rigid heddle and you have to hold the heddle up or down with one hand while you try to poke the weft thru with the other) that's why he got to use the 12H table loom.

Have I mentioned it's *big*? And heavy?? And, like, it's a real loom? Oh, I have? Just checking...

I told the daycare folks the same things Wed. and yesterday. Why, then, were they so shocked when I hauled it in this AM? And fascinated....whoo, boy, I may have brought more people over to the dark side!

I also hauled in an old how to weave book (published by Golden Books way back in the early '70's. Silly book, but decent line drawings.) and a note I wrote up on how to weave. Cliff Notes for weaving, as it were. Not enough that you could sit down and weave a scarf by yourself, but enough that, if you had a warped loom in front of you, you wouldn't look like an idiot when you were trying to talk about it.

And, of course, Himself will be there. He's an expert, now, at plain weave. He's already eyeing my floor loom with a jaundiced glance..and he told me last night that *HIS* loom was better than mine because it had "12 of dese tangys and yours only has 4!" Just like a male, no? (I am looking to rectify that situation - I have severe shaft envy. I am trying to arrange it so I can use the IRS refund to upgrade to a Glimakra or a Toika loom.)

Can't wait until this evening to see how it went....

Oh, and thanks for all the iPod referrals! I've got lots of folks signed up, but only 1 has completed their offer. I need 5....but they say it can take up to 2 weeks to show as completed. We'll see......
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