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:yawn: Is it Friday yet?

I had 3 kidlets last night - Little Miss didn't go home until 10 PM. Bedtime is 8...and the alarm goes off at 4. I'm tired! :grin:

Picked up a box o'yarn last night - 8 cones of acrylic DK-Sport weight in lovely colors. Should make a mess of nice scarves! The lady left them at the library :confused: - I have to bring something up when I finish it. :grin:

Thanks to the late night, I got 2/3 of the reed sleyed! Go me! I'll try to finish it this weekend, lots of stuff planned. Gotta hit the bank, the PO, the brassiere store (Herself needs a.....:sniff: training bra already! :sniff: Where did my l'il baby girl go???), the Hardware store...the list goes on and on. We also have to move the round pen so the equine yard crew can go to work on the front yard. :grin: LM's dad even made that suggestion - so I know it's not a kooky as it sounds. :lol:

Gotta get to work.......:yawn: Thank goodness for Starbucks!
Tags: blather, weaving

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