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Well...THAT was fun...

I moved the round pen yesterday (it was a case of "your donkey fell into a pit"....there is NO grass in the backyard, 1 of the paddocks, or the former pen) and.....ouch. It's DONE (thanks to God's help and my Kubota), but uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I ripped some ligaments in my left forearm, dropped a panel (about...75 pounds, give or take) on my left shoulder, stepped in a fire ant bed, smashed my left hand a few times...but by golly, it's DONE! (See, Finn had buried 5 of the panels in mud. That was now dry. The panels could be rocked back and forth, but you have to lift 1 end to get the pegs out of the rings....and with mud encasing the bottom rail, it was virtually impossible for me to do. Enter the Kubota....I rolled up, gently put the front-end loader under the middle rail, and g-e-n-t-l-y raised it. Bop! The panel was free! I drug it (by chain or anyplace really to attach it to the tractor (unless I wanted to unhook the, thanks)),and the next one, set them up...and needed 2 more panels. Back we went...I got in close, gently started lifting....and all 3 panels went "thowck!", fell down and went boom. :giggle: Mission accomplished - AND the tractor did NOT run out of gas, which it should have since it's been sitting on E for 2 months now)

There's only 1 horse in the front yard right now - Mr. Finn decided that he'd rather be in the barren paddock than in the front yard. :shrug: He'll get moved sometime this week - soon as I recover.

We also ran to the bank - I closed my CD, due to a lot of stuff that's going on (the housing bubble busting is just the *tip* of the iceberg....I'd rather use the funds to pay off/down debt than to let it sit there and possibly disappear. The dollar is almost worthless outside our borders......)ran to PetSmart and Lowe's - then hit the outlet mall here.

Wrong weekend for *that* - I had forgotten it was Tx's "tax free" weekend. It wasn't as crowded as Thrallmart, but it was MUCH moreso than usual. Still, we managed to get Herself outfitted with her first bras (she's gonna kill me when/if she ever reads this - Love ya, babe! :grin:) and a bunch of kitchen gadgets.

Hit the pool when we got home.......I can't *do* anything but float right now, but it felt good on the arm.

Today, I am stiff and sore and ow-y.....very few faint bruises. The horses are happy, though - I'M happy, because now I don't have to mow the front yard.

Off to rustle up breakfast...
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