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Tuesday night guild was great - we had 4 new people show up (6 if you count the kids (not mine)!!) Lots of fun ensued..this is shaping up to be a *great* group!

Got the N64 yesterday - my kids are *awesome*, let me tell you. We went to the store, first, to buy the necessary groceries for the next 2 weeks. The only thing at the PO was The Box. I got in the truck, and the squees ensued...I said "OK. We can't play Nintendo AND ya'll need to decide what we're gonna do. OH - and on school nights, No NOTHING until Homework is finished, and then we only have so much time to devote to fun stuff before bed."

They looked at each other...helped me unload and put up, then Himself said "We need to go swimming. THAT's a FAMILY thing." :boggle: Who are you and what have you done with my children????

We had a blast in the pool. After supper, I relented and let each of them "test out" the N64. We had to make sure it worked, after all :grin: They each got 10 minutes to play - and there were NO arguements when the buzzer went off. :blink:

They also both thanked me for buying them the game. :boggle: I am highly impressed with both of them.

And....we'll be going to Game Stop this weekend to get a few more games. :grin:

Tonight we meet Herself's teacher; we'll meet Himself's tomorrow at 1. (*1*. On a work day. Who's brilliant idea was THAT, I wonder?) They are just about ready for school to start.....
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