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Yesterday was BUSY. Got a call - the Loom Liberation Co. had located an abandoned loom, and needed a foster home STAT. I went.

It's a 45"-ish home-built counter....balance, I think. Needs some (positive) reinforcement, but is weavable as-is ( - it's in pieces now). It's currently blocking the main access to the "Nintendo Room"....along with part of the 400 pounds (not really kidding - there's A LOT) of rags (on spools), 50 boxes (or so) of Maysville 6-ply carpet warp, and the 2 boxes of pieces and parts. My truck bed was full up to the top of the cab, and the crew cab was full up, too. AND it took 2 trips......

After wrestling it into the house, we ran to lunch, and to the only game store in the near vicinity that carries N64 games. (We can order them all over the place, but my kids a)had been extremely good b)start school tomorrow and c)really wanted a few new games *now*. They were so polite about it, that I didn't see a reason not to trek into town.

Plus, Friday I had sold my wedding jewelry :evil grin: and that carved amber brooch (I do NOT wear pins; I HATE large jewelry, and amber does nothing for me). I only got $90 for it all (tells ya something, hmmmm?), and we spent.....well, most of it on video games. The irony is not lost on me. :grin: (I could probably have gotten more if I had hauled it to a jeweler, but ehhhhh. I didn't care. Yes, *I* paid for all of it ("Oh, I'll deposit the money in the account!" :shessssssh, right:), but - it's Gone, Gone, Gone, as is all the icky vibes from it.)

We also hit Joann's, Micheal's and Hobby Lobby (had to stock up on silk thread, tatting thread, and icky fun fur yarn), then Applebee's on the way home. Pool and ST:TNG...then, finally, bed.

I gotta re-home the loom soon. Also the rags - it's very hard to park right now. :giggle:

Church today.......:sigh: He was SO close......and yet SO FAR away. In a nutshell : Pastor claimed the Sabbath was today. :big sigh: I can't excuse him - we've discussed it before. In great detail. HE EVEN ADMITTED that Sunday was NOT the Biblically mandated Sabbath. :sigh: Just - Never mind.
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