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It's Back to School day...


Previous Entry It's Back to School day... Aug. 27th, 2007 @ 09:28 am Next Entry
and I had 1 happy camper, and 1 not-so-happy camper. Himself is all excited - "Mom, I got all hundreds last year. Except for the 4 90s. Think I can do it again?" :grin: Herself...not so much. Except for the animals in her room (the blue-tailed skink, rats, finches, 5 turtles, 2 goldfish, tarantula......:shudder:) We'll see...it's her first year in this school (our district has the schools set up so that you move every 2 years. Yippee.) and she's a bit apprehensive.

In other news, I've been experimenting with different sized tatting threads. Started out with crochet cotton (size 10). It was easy. Moved to cotton perle 8 - not much different; it's a bit thicker. Moved to cotton perle 12 - it's a lot smaller! Whoa...but I perservered, and have managed to lose 2 bookmark halves now. :grin:

Then.......then I went out and bought "real" tatting thread. Size *80*. Can you say "sewing thread"? I knew you could!

It's a challenge - I can't tat with it unless I am in very strong light. It's Teeny! I have 1/4 of a bookmark done...and it takes up the space of 1 motif in the perle 12. :bigeyes: Pretty, though.....I have some size 20, 30, 50, and 80 on order, so we'll see which I like best.

Started knitting Herself a vegan fox......it's firey. And Ugly - but it's what she wants. Himself wants one to sleep with....but he hasn't picked the colors yet. Probably, knowing him, it'll be as lifelike as possible. :grin:
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