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Today's thankfullness.....

God is indeed good. Last night...wait, I need to back up a bit.

My garage is now full of spools of fabric selvedges (aka "rags") for rug weft. LOTS of spools - big ones, little ones, medium-sized ones. Most of them are stacked not-at-all-neatly on the back wall, on the concrete wheel stop. (About 1/3 of them are in my house, in the front room on the couch. I think I have a couch under there - add in the 400+ spools of carpet warp, and the loom...and oy vey!).

So. I have to be careful when I pull in at night. I tried....but last night I bumped one of the spools. No biggie, I thought.....except it knocked the passenger side fog light out of the bumper. :shock: I didn't realize it until this AM, when I went out the front gate and heard something dragging.....

I couldn't figure out how to reinstall it, so I shoved it up under the bumper and headed off. Got 10 feet down the road.....out it fell. :sigh: Got out, re-shoved it, started up....5 feet later, it did it again.

Managed to make it to the daycare.....after I dropped the kids off, I started off...and damned if it didn't do it again. :bigger sigh:

So, I got out, reshoved it up in there, said a few prayers, and headed for the freeway. I prayed the whole way stayed in the bumper until I got to my co-worker's house, where it popped out again.

The thought of what could have happened if it fell out on the freeway at 70 mph just...really doesn't amuse me.

I parked, hopped out, and managed to figure out how to remove the bulb. The wires aren't long enough to drag, so we're good to go.

Now, I gotta find someone to reinstall it properly.....
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