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I am so tired today. Guild meeting last night - it was great; I got the loom re-homed and the rags moved out, I got another of the lovely batts (Wild Wines by Franquemont Fibers - LOVELY stuff; I need to find a color to go with in a silk thread so I can maximize this yummy stuff...I'm thinking shawl for ME, here...:grin:) spun up (1 to go! Should all fit on the same bobbin....) - all in all, it was a lovely time. I left at 7:30, since it's school-time and the kidlets needed to be tucked in, homework checked, folders signed.....

Himself was having a rough time, for some reason. He had decided that everyone hated him, no one cared....:sigh: It took me 30 minutes to get him calmed down...and he ended up in bed with me. :bigger sigh: I don't mind - I certainly didn't want to leave him alone in that mood, but it meant that I got NO sleep at all. (He's 7. sleeper. Every.Single.Time I moved, so did he kicked me a few times. Ah, well - they're only young once!) I *do* know where some of that came from - I was too slow in removing a bad influence. :guilt trip: (And yes, I *do* know this for a fact - I had a little snitch tell me what was being said to Himself by said bad influence. Seems I wasn't the only one not good enough, not worthy - never mind. I took care of it. Things like "You're SUCH a baby - your mama needs to make you grow up!" and "Your mother can't even love you - she can't love anybody". Yes, this was said. To a *7* year old. Stupid male......never mind. It's over with, thank God!)(It wasn't done so much with Herself. I don't know if it's because she wouldn't put up with it, or what - but Thank God she didn't get too screwed up!) I, um, obviously still need to work on forgiveness here. :sigh:

He woke up in a MUCH better mood, and agreed that he was a pretty special li'l boy, and that yes, a lot of people loved him very much. Go, me!

Herself is doing good. She likes school (because, and I quote, "My teachers don't give much homework!"). She's also decided to take her own lunch every day (of course. I just paid a $10 subscription fee and put $25 on her lunch card.....why WOULDN'T she want to pack her own??) At least she's happy right now - I don't know if I could cope with 2 upset children at the same time. (For one thing, my bed's not big enough - I'd have to sleep on the floor!)

For those who think I "spoil" my children....nope. They don't get everything they want (or even most everything). They have to work for stuff, they have daily/weekly chores. I do let them have some freedoms - how else will they learn? It's also better for them to screw up at home instead of when they are out on their own. Do I coddle them? Again - not really. They know that there are consequences for each and every action. They don't get the latest and greatest toys/games - I mean, geez! We JUST bought a N64 system! (Can you say antiquated? Parts are around, but not everywhere, and I've only found *1* place locally we can get used (NOT new) games at. Online is about the best way to go...); they do NOT have their own cell phones/computers/iPods/whatever. And, when I say we can't afford something, that means NO.

Work sucks.....Ms. Boss has been coming in Every.Single.Day, and doing NOTHING but bug us. Every.Single.Phone.Call has to be explained to her ("That was just a solicitor. No, we really *aren't* interested in listing our business in the International Yellow Pages - it'll cost and the guy was from India and I couldn't hardly understand him" and "It was a wrong number. NO, I don't know who it was - nor do I care") :sigh: Personal calls? Get us in trouble. Even at 5 minutes to quitting time. Days off? We have to ASK for question? What if she says no? And my kid is sick and MUST go to a doctor????? :bigger sigh:

Ah, big deal. It'll get better...sooner or later.
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