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How's that Ark coming?


Previous Entry How's that Ark coming? Aug. 30th, 2007 @ 08:35 am Next Entry
It rained yesterday - make that "torrential downpoured". I don't know exactly how much we got, but my pool went up about 3". :blink: The front yard is all squishy, and the horses were soaked (and told me *all* about it!)

Got my Baerreis Finny fork yesterday - I loves me some Paduak wood! It's a nice, deep orangey-rust, and it's cute. It's the fork of choice today....it's holding, but my hair has reached the mid-back abyss and won't do *anything* I want it to. :sigh: Still, the fork is lovely, and I'm happy with it.

Kids doing well in school. Both have pretty much settled in. They're getting easier to get up and moving in the AM, so that's good. The 3-day weekend won't help matters, though.....

Almost done with the size 80 bookmark...MAN, is that thread Teeny! :grin: I've got some handdyed stuff from Yarnplayer (on Etsy) to try out next (size 30, 2 50s, and another 80) to see what size I prefer......since my Lacis order is on the UPS truck as we speak (well....type), I might get to try one of them out sooner rather than later. :grin:

Must run - boss is due in any minute :grrrr:
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