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Busy, busy, busy...

So, yesterday Dad came over. Not only did the dear man edge around my house, he also cleaned out my garage. And rearranged it. And swept it. And put the trash on my burn pile instead of in the garbage cans. (It was very satisfying to watch it go up in flames...) He also patched my bathroom wall and the part of the bar in the kitchen that the Zoey-monster had eaten. (New houses taste yummy, y'see)

THEN, my hay man came out and delivered 2 round bales, and the wonderfully talented bladesmith called and had finished my belt knife. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So, I threw the kids in the van and we headed out to his shop. This blade is *awesome*. He says this is his finest forging job to date - he was able to forge the bevel in. It's beautiful, and it matches the bodice dagger he made me back in the Summer.

This completes 2 of the things Steve was going to make for me. (Unfortunately, I've had to actually *pay* for them, but hey - you do what you gotta do, yes? I miss my jack-of-all-trades hubby, for more than the usual!) The knives Steve had already made for me, a belt knife and a dirk (with the by-knives, even) have Hondurous (or however that's spelled) Rosewood hilts set with Tiger Eyes, and the belt knife has a matching Rosewood sheath). He had gotten a blade for a bodice dagger for me, but we traded it (with an Osage Orange hilt) to a friend of mine for a set of hand-thrown mugs, so he had started the search for another blade for me.

So, when I met Mr. Adams (of Shadowhawk Blades), I admired his forgework and ordered the bodice dagger. I dug out a hunk (technical term, there)of Pink Ivory (a really pretty hardwood) and sent it off to him......the bodice dagger is gorgeous. I just need to find a sheath-maker......ahem. Anyway, he told me he had enough of the wood left to make a matching dagger, if I wanted it...of course I said YES. The wood was some Steve had gotten to make himself a sword hilt, so it had sentimental value, and, can never have enough live steel!

The only problem is that he doesn't make sheaths. *sigh* Neither do I - I know *how*, I just can't do it. I've tried, and wasted lots of leather, and I just can't make them so they look right. I figure that's one thing I can leave to the experts - I really don't need any more hobbies!

I spent today at the loom. The kids were weaving again today - I had to rewarp Himself's loom, since the visit to the daycare kinda ruined the original warp - but they both got a few inches done. Me? I'm on dishtowel #4 - they look absolutely awesome, and much much much more complex then they really are. Dad saw #1 during it's creation, and he was amazed. In fact, he told me today he had no idea how I was able to make all the patterns in it (9 per row, 10 rows per dishtowel - each row is approx. 2" tall). Hehehehe. It's all in the threading and treadling. Easy-peasy. Only, it's gotten both kids inspired....I can see lots of strange twills in my future!

Pictures have been taken of both the weaving-in-progress and the daggers - I should be able to post them on the webpage tomorrow. I'll post links when they're up!
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