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Weird dreams 'n' things...

I know it's got to do with the upcoming Feast...but MAN have my dreams been bonkers lately. This morning's was a doozy.....I was with friends, at night, and there was a flash of light...that evolved into a flaming red techno-colored angel. I *knew* it was Gabriel; he blew the trumpet, and - I woke up. :blink: Singing camp songs. :bigger blink: At 2:30 AM.

I don't remember much of the 2nd one, except that it was more of the same. Yes, Rosh Ha'shannah is coming up. Yes, there are signs in the sky. Yes, the world is going to Hell in a handbasket......I'm glad my Faith is strong.

Anyway...Guild tonight. The kids have to go with, since it's Mom's Choir practice. No biggie - Herself has a book, Himself said he'd weave. Or something. I'll grab the RH loom, the portable DVD player, and my Louet - I have to load up the last few rolls of rags, and with the kids there will be NO room in the truck for my lovely AA. The Louet? Can ride in the bed. The AA? Not hardly. :grin: I can work on Herself's vegan fox or tatting or something.

Tomorrow night is my choir practice - 2 late nights in 1 week are gonna be hard. Next week there's nothing - the Feast starts Wed. evening, so I am skipping guild to finish the prep. The house is clean (except for the front room and floors...with the rain, the floors will remain unclean. Dogs + sand + rain = messy floors. :grin:) The kids can stay home with G'ma...if the weather is nice, they can swim. If not....there's always Nintendo.

I might have sold Moonie's girl. We'll see - if so, she's going to a terrific home. It feels pressure.

We started feeding Bullseye molasses - he can't smell his feed without it, and he's lost even more vision. The smell seems to help......

Need to find someone to install the light in the loom room. Of course, I also have to find the time - next weekend is already booked. We have an Arts Guild meeting to go to, then Rally Day at church, then Sunday Pastor is meeting with the kids that went thru the class....AND a Pow-wow is going on in Grand Prairie......:whew: Don't know how to fit it all in. Should be amusing.....

I'm still stiff and sore from all the work we did this weekend. The loom was rehomed (THAT was fun! :grin:), the rags were rehomed (ditto!), the feet might never recover. Yesterday was a "lazy" day - we only spent 45 minutes at the store buying art supplies for Herself's art class (5th and 6th grades get 1 elective...Band, Art, or PE. Guess which one Herself wanted?) $76 dollars later (on TOP of the normal school supplies!), we have 1/2 of the stuff. :blink: I'll try to get the rest this week from JoAnn's.

OK, stream of consciousness posting needs to end - I've got work to do and a boss on the way in. :sigh: At least this is more restful than the weekend! :grin:
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