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It's raining...

it's pouring....what a dark, dismal morning this has been! Fits my mood...I don't know if I'm just being paranoid, or if I'm being careful..but *someone* has been watching us and coming onto the property. Can I prove it? No....not really. But - when water troughs get turned completly around, and gates are unlatched (and there are NO horses in that particular paddock)...well, *something's* going on. :sigh:

I thought I was so *done* with this stuff! Plus, I'm getting a LOT of unavailable calls now.....when I do decide to answer them, there's nothing. No one responds, they don't hang up..just silence. :pah: It's getting old right quick.

Ah, well - I've lived it before, I can do it again. The .45 still fits on my waist (I need to poke holes in the belt now, but it fits) and I can still hit what I aim at. I still have 2 magazines fully loaded, and I can pick up more ammo this weekend. It's old, y'know?

In other news: Almost finished with Herself's vegan fox. Am up to the ears, now. Have the yarn for Himself's (Hers is a "fire fox"; His will be a "Water fox". Fun stuff!) Am almost finished with the current tatted bookmark (size 30 thread.....I think I like the finer stuff better!). Have 1 more batt to spin, then I can figure out what to ply it with. I'm thinking shawl, here...

Not much else to report. Guild last night was good - even with the kidlets there. Himself wove, a bit, and Herself drew pictures. I knit - I had hauled the rest of the rags along, so only had room for 1 wheel and the RH Loom. (Louie the Louet got to come - good thing too, since the newbie spinner showed up and got to ply her yarn! Whee!) I'm not going to be there next week - Wed. is the start of Rosh Ha'shannah, and I need to get the challah made, and the house re-cleaned beforehand. So...Tuesday is the final prep day. We have another meeting Saturday...with the K. County "Fine Arts" group. I'll give 'em an hour......

OH!!! And, Moonie's filly has a new home! Whee! I need to dig out Moonie's papers for the new "parents" so they can name the wee princess - I'll try to do that tonight. I'm down to 2 more to go - Moonie herself, and Finn. :sob: Can't keep 'em - I don't have enough time or energy.
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