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Short 'n' Sweet

I'll have 3 kidlets this weekend - it was a last-minute sort of thing. No biggie, I just have to juggle the menu a bit. :shrug:

STILL haven't received my Ketylo fork. :sigh: Again, no biggie - I just scored another one off of the LHC Swap board :grin:. Hopefully, they'll both get here soon!

Prep for Rosh Ha'shannah moves apace. The house is clean - just need to revaccum and mop the floors. Need to pick up a roast, but that's not a major deal - if I don't, we'll eat something else. I have the lava cake mix, so...we're set. :big grin:

Went to the Mercury for lunch - steak! Yum! AND Tres' Leche cake - double yum! Chris Ward sure can cook!

Not much else to report....
Tags: blather

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