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Weekend was busy, busy, busy! Had LM (Little Miss) this weekend - she's sweet, but a handful! I can handle my 2 pretty well...but you add a third child to the mix (and one that is a very opinionated 6!), and it gets difficult.

The Sabbath was spent with family - we went shopping at the outlet mall (I got a much needed new large skillet - this one is not non-stick, but hard-anodized. MUCH better for us!), then hit the local thrift stores. I got LM some (much needed) dresses - but told her G'pa that they came from Herself's closet...well, some of them did. :grin: (Don't want to mess with his pride - she has clothes, yes....but not a lot of dresses - and she *LOVES* dresses.)

I also made a tactical error - I had told my 2 that they could have the critters they wanted (Himself = Hamster; Herself = Chinese Water Dragon) IF they came up with the funds for all the accessories - I'd buy the critter ONLY. :sigh: The first thrift store had a complete hamster set-up...for $7.50. Grandma had Himself gets to go to her place and work it off. Now...if we could only score a reptile set-up for Herself. :ponders:

Saturday night was Rally Day at church - there was a Water!Slide!. And PIZZA! And CAKE! I came home with 3 tired but buzzing kidlets......the girls woke up at 2:30 (!) giggling and 4 AM I'd had enough. :sigh: I'm bushed!

Did the church I *really* need to do a recap this week? It was....:sigh: Yeah. Let's just say I spent the sermon scribbing sheep on my bulletin instead of taking notes..because there wasn't any meat there. :sigh:

Came home and had lunch with a cousin - fajitas! *I* didn't have to do the cooking or clean-up, and the food and company were great. LM left at 7....

Did a quick clean.....have tomorrow and Tuesday evenings to get the house back in shape for Rosh Ha'shannah. I think I'll keep the dogs out until then (it poured today), just to make it a bit easier on me. We're in pretty good shape, considering......

The kidlets are in the tub right now (well...*2* tubs :grin:), the animals have all been fed, and I am ready for bed. Just a little bit longer, now....
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