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It's raining....

and pouring. Pitch black outside. TONS of accidents this morning - no, I wasn't involved in any, but I did.........(shut up!).....get lost. :sigh: I am *very*......directionally challenged, I know it, everyone that knows me IRL knows it, it's just something I live with. It's why I have a Magellan GPS in my truck. It's why I have my co-worker's phone numbers on speed-dial. (She NEVER gets lost - Ever. :lol:) It all worked out...but. :lol:

Am wearing my new Ketylo fork today - I *love* this fork. (Yeah, I've said *that* before! :grin:) It holds like iron - both buns AND twists. (None of my other 2-prongs hold twists at all). It's pretty - Honduras Rosewood, in a nice, soft, smooth finish - and it's twisty! Good thing, too - since I snagged one off of the LHC swap board last week! :grin: My hair is about 2" from waist wet, and at the bottom of BSL dry (I have lovely s-curls, which I discovered after joining LHC and switching to no-cone products. Who knew?), and it's so slippery that I'm amazed when a hairtoy actually works.

Kids were surprisingly happy this morning.....wonder what's up with that? :snicker: Must be the cinnamon rolls they knew they were having for breakfast......:grin: I don't know why - I only used 2 oz of Cassia Cinnamon in them this time.....and 2 cups of brown sugar. :giggle: Oh, and did I mention the entire can of cream cheese icing I dumped over the 2 dozen rolls, the moment I pulled them out of the oven? :lol:

House is almost ready for this week. Need to mop again, and change out the slipcovers - everything else is done, done, DONE. Whee! (Oh - except for the challah...but I'll bake it Tuesday night. We like it fresh - but I won't have the 3 hours Wednesday night to do it before we eat.) The menu is still up for grabs - I have lamb, I have a roast, I have spaghetti fixin's.....the only 2 things definate are the challah and the lava cakes. :lol: Guess we'll see what mood I'm in Wednesday AM!

Speaking of which, I'll be offline from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening. Just a heads-up for the 2 or 3 people who actually read my blatherings. :grin:

Off to pretend to work - I am quite far ahead at the moment (like.....4 months worth! :blink:), so there's not a whole lot for me to do. Finally. :lol:
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