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my son hates me. See, I got feed today....1/2 ton of it. I was unloading it, when he came out and I (stupidly) made the remark: "Gee, son, wish you were just a *little* bit bigger - I sure could use some help!" :bangshead:

He hopped right on up in the truck and proceeded to try and heft a 50 lb bag of feed......and he only weighs 45 pounds. :shock: I quickly stopped him, hugged him, and told him that, while I appreciated the help, I didn't want him to get hurt. He went off sulking...and now doesn't want to speak to me.

WHAT is it with males and their egos???????? And WHY does their ego have to appear before they hit their teens???? :sigh: /rant over

Anyway, it's unloaded, stacked, and we're good to go. I....twisted my wrist (yeah, I know - but who else is gonna unload horse feed? I can't leave it in the truck bed!), so I'm ouchy right now...but the horses are stocked up again. :sigh: Superwoman I'm NOT....but I gotta do what needs to be done.

/whine I'd like some cheese to go along with that, if you don't mind.

Got my 2nd Ketylo fork today! It's 6", which is a *hair* too long, but it's skinnier than my other one. This one is an "original", my other one is from the new guy. :shhhh: I think I like this one better......even if it is a bit long. :blush:

Gotta find a way to NOT spend all day with LM and her dad Saturday. I have other plans...but I need to figure out what to say to not upset LM. Dad - don't care. He' off icky vibes. :shudder: I don't play *that* game! BTDT - won't do THAT again. :shakeshead:

Of course, that brings up a whole 'nother kettle of worms...stuff I thought I'd worked thru but apparantly haven't. :sigh: It's a never-ending saga, isn't it? I think I can work thru it without a counselor this time...we'll see. If I've still got the same feelings next week, I'll give him a call. :sigh: Better safe than sorry, though!

I pulled out my Fire sock yesterday....and have no desire to work on it. There's too many negative feelings tied up in it - I'm hoping ignoring it will reduce them so I can *eventually* finish it and it's mate. I *really* want to wear these socks! :sigh: I started them during the divorce, worked on them in the attorney's office, the counciling sessions, the hearing.....I need to distance myself from it a bit longer. (I did find the pattern! It was in the divorce folder in the truck. Whee......I need to find a safe place to put it where I'll remember what I did with it. :grin:)

Need to find a new project - the shawl is stalled (boredom), Herself's fox is....I HATE acrylic yarn!, the washcloth I started Saturday evening is cotton and hurts to work on......yeah, I'm project poor right now! :grin: Knitting ADD, that's it! :snerk:

Guess I should go finish sleying the reed.......meh. We'll see.

Oven's beeping - gotta get the kidlets fed before they muntiny!
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