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And now for something completely different!

Well, that last one was a bit of a downer, huh? :grin: I'm NOT dark, dismal and depressed - honest! I'm actually quite joyful - joy isn't tied to external stuff. I'm even *happy* right now. Tired, but happy. :grin:

Which is good, considering the stuff going on here at the office. The bank STILL hasn't gotten their stuff together (What? It's only been almost 2 years! What did we expect?) - in fact, they have gotten a lot of stuff WRONG (like....SS #'s on tax returns, actual amounts on the spellings....y'know, SIMPLE stuff like that! :grin:)

We've just *now* gotten lunch (what...almost 2 hours late?), because we've been putting out their fires. :sigh: Ah, well...could be worse!

It is SO cold in here today, you could hang meat in our office. :brrrrr: I am in an Aran wool sweater, long-sleeved shirt, jeans...and I'm STILL freezing. Think I'll pack the electric blanket tomorrow.....guess this means No Swimming tonight. :grin:

It's humid enough outside that my hair has gone ballistic - I don't have Herself's Botticelli curls, but I have lots of nice, pretty tight s-curls going on....which is why the hair is UP. :grin: I have to keep putting it back up, as the curls keep wanting to slither free and do their own thang. Bad hair! :grin:

Tonight I get to bake bread....mmmmmmmmmmmm. Fresh bread. Hope I can keep my hands off of it until tomorrow night! (Doubtful...) :grin: I also get to vaccum and mop, change the slipcovers (these *were* clean Friday....unfortunately, the dogs *weren't*. That's what washing machines are for :grin:), and empty the dishwasher. Tomorrow's menu includes potroast, challah bread, salad, and lava cakes. Yum!
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