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Man, I'm chatty today!

but I have reason, now! We got free food for supper tonight! :grin:

See, a few weeks ago, we went to Long John Silver's, and I dutifully filled out their little entry form and dropped it in the bucket. The prize? Free food. I figured it was just their way of scamming info off of their customers, but - Free Food!

Today while driving home, I got a call - my form was picked! I got free food! When did I want it? Not being one to *ever* pass up free food, I said "Tonight! I'm on my way right now!"

The kids were excited - they LOVE LJS food. Me? It's not bad...not the best, but - I didn't have to cook it!

Now that I've used up my monthly quota of !, I'll go check on the challah. Sounds like the machine is almost done - so I need to clear a spot to dump it out and braid it at.
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