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It's Rosh Ha'shanna time!

as of sunset tonight, anyway - so there will be radio silence until Sat. evening. If you get bored (or I disappear :wink:), go browse Anna's site - she's got a lot of items on her sidebar that are way cool. :grin:

Today was squirrelly....we did a bunch of stuff for a big meeting tomorrow with the bank. At 3:45, we got a call - the meeting has been moved to *their* offices, we (we being my co-worker and me) are NOT invited, and so forth and so on. Ms. Boss is PISSED OFF...and co-worker will be there. :evil grin:

Got tomorrow's breakfast is in the oven (Double fudge chocolate chip muffins); the menu tonight is pot roast with salad and corn, challah bread, and lava cakes for dessert. Yum!

Happy New Years, guys! See ya on the flip side (maybe :wink:)
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