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Now that I'm awake....

and mostly coherent, I can write up the weekend/Feast properly (for prosterity's sake :grin:)

The Feast started Wednesday evening at sundown. (We ususally start it early - at dinnertime. Trying to get the kids to wait until sundown to eat = exercise in futility :lol:). I had cleaned the house (which lasted all of...oh...30 seconds. :sigh:), and Tuesday evening made the challah, so all that was left Wednesday was the final touches on dinner (pot roast with corn and salad, with lava cake for dessert.) The kids made shofars out of tissue rolls, and pranced around the house blowing them. :grin:

Thursday, we trekked to the pond next door (I wanted to go to our creek...but the weeds are higher than my head. Short kids + weeds = no go.) and tossed in breadcrumbs (representing our sins). The pond bubbled over with fishies...and the kids LOVED it. We'll try the creek next year. :lol: Dinner was lamb with potatoes and salad, and brownies. The brownies were the biggest hit, I think.

Friday was the end of the Feast, but the start of the Sabbath....we had store-bought chicken. :grin: Ran out of bread Thursday evening, so spent the rest of the weekend without. Ah, time I'll know to make *2* loaves.

We hit the Dallas World Aquarium on Saturday afternoon - and yes, I got lost. It wasn't MY fault! The GPS needs it's maps updated (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :grin:) and didn't tell me to take 45 instead of Central. (175 becomes 310, and splits 4 ways......*usually* Leia tells me which way to go, but not Saturday....and I chose the wrong way. :sigh:) We got to explore experience Downtown Dallas, but soon got it sorted out. Sort of. (Shut up! :grin: Yeah, got lost again - who knew that Griffin stops and starts a block to the left??)

ANYWAY, we made it, finally. It's a really cool place - the outside is all landscaped to resemble a rainforest, and the inside is not at all like the (old) Dallas Aquarium. It's more...habitable. There's penguins, otters, crocs, flamingos, bunnies, turtles, snakes, nasty-8-legged-demons-that-shall-NOT-be-named, sharks, manta rays - it's WAY cool. They have a..tunnel, for lack of a better word, where the sharks and rays are swimming on 3 sides - left, right, and top. *WAY* cool. (Later on, you can look down into the tank; it's really odd to see people walking thru the sharks.) The manatee exhibit was neat (and yes, the kids started singing "Barbara Manatee" from VeggieTales...I have very odd kids. :grin:)

We walked to Spaghetti Warehouse for an early supper. Food was good, company was great - the kids were even mostly well-behaved. (Miracles happen when you least expect them! :grin:) We headed home, and hit the pool for an hour. Water was *cold* :brrrrrr: (80* is TOO cold for the Fiberaddict. 85* is tolerable, but water should be at least 90* for me to actually enjoy it. :brrrrrrrrrrr:) Watched Firefly and Enterprise until 10-ish.....then I couldn't sleep, but that's OK. I made up for it on Sunday. :grin:

Sunday: Church. No Sunday School (and I was *prepared*, damnit! :grin:) since it was the day we could "preview" the Garage Sale (note: Lots of electronics this year; some books, cool DVDs, very very very few clothes in my size; LOTS of furniture. Amazing sale this year!) and it was *impossible* to corral the kids long enough to do *anything* with them. So...they got the leftover icecream and were shipped outside to play. (Play, of course, meaning "Run around inside begging your parents to buy you this "gotta have right now" item. Lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.) I scored a sheep mug and 2 DVDs, 1 dress for me, and 1 for LM. Slim pickin's for us this year. :grin:

Sermon: Why do I even bother? The gospel was "The Lost Sheep" parable....and he "rewrote" it to be here in Texas. Yeah, uh-huh. All I got out of it was that some ranchers, when they find a lost steer, will tie a donkey to it and the donkey will haul the critter back home :scratches head: Yeah.....all the ranchers in the congreation (and believe me, we have A LOT - we're all farmers/ranchers; mostly cattle. Did I mention we live in the country?) were looking at each other with strange looks on their faces (see - it's not just me!) :sigh: Wish I could be bothered to go dig up some notes on it (He is the Shepherd, and HIS sheep hear his voice....and He looks for HIS sheep, not every donkey out there :grin:) but, I can't. My notes from yesterday consisted of : Texas, donkey + cow and doodles of li'l sheepies bouncing over the page. :sigh: Yeah, I got a LOT outta that sermon, Pastor!

As if! Got home, called in a ransom note, and tried to nap. The kids were in charge of their own lunches (don't ask....neither of them were edible by humans, but they seem to have survived), then sat down to watch "Dinotopia" Full Blast. I gave the nap up as a bad idea, tanked up on tea, and headed out to mow the front. I *love* my Kubota! :hee: Lost the iPod 2x, but managed to NOT mow over it either one - AND it still works! The front yard now looks like civilized folk live there (instead of poor white trash...:sigh:) - only, now you can actually SEE the house. (Need to get some bushes in to fix that!) The horses yard crew has done a good job on maintaining the landscape, but they are edging illiterate. I'm gonna try to weedwhack tonight....we'll see. I think the snake has moved to greener pastures.....

After a very nice lunch (that *I* did not have to fix or clean up from! :whee!:, we settled in to watch (yet more) movies. More Enterprise and Firefly - Moonie's filly's new owners came out to play, so I trekked outside for a bit to help...the heat got to me though (that, and the lack of sleep) so I left them to it and headed back inside. I dozed off during...something; was it Firefly or ST:TNG? Anyway...I was in and out of consciousness for a bit there. Woke up enough for dinner (Lamb, with......mixed veggies and (what else?) lava cake. Himself was NOT happy - he doesn't like lamb, because "they're too CUTE to eat!" :lol: - but he got over it enough to have dessert). Then it was baths and bed (finally!)

Man, I had no idea how busy we were this weekend! And, the next 2 weekends are more of the same.....:blink: I think I need to take a day off to recover! :grin:

Oh - also, 4 washclothes have fallen off my needles here lately. Those suckers are addictive! :grin: I've got some cotton yarn left.....I can see at least 3 more. Somebody save me - I *hate* knitting with cotton! :lol: Think I need to jump on the knitting bandwagon and dig up a pattern for the Jayne hat...I know someone who might appreciate one....IF I can make myself knit it. :grin:
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