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Previous Entry It's Party Time! Sep. 17th, 2007 @ 01:57 pm Next Entry
Ms. boss has been and gone today. We are supposed to be working on the Amended CA return....:snerk: Instead, we are....well, Not.

See, Ms. Boss got a new K-1 in the mail this weekend. The bank (which shall not be named, but it sounds like "JPMorganChase" *cough*cough*) had screwed up the first one (wrong $$ amounts), did an amended return....and put the WRONG SS# on it. :sigh: (Also on the original one, but we didn't catch that - the $$ amounts were Totally Wrong). So...they re-amended it....with the right SS #...and totally different amounts. Which we can't tie in. Anywhere. Even with me doing "new math" :grin: :bangs head:

So, we're blowing off the CA return - we'd just have to change it, too, (again)because of the numbers on her K-1. Which the bank did (we weren't allowed to do her return, because, and I quote: "Ya'll don't know all the intricasies of Tax Accounting, and might make a mistake. The IRS doesn't look kindly on mistakes". :roflmao:)

I've hit eBay (found an awesome auction for 76 antique wheels - INCLUDING a Daniel Denner Irish Castle Wheel!); done some more holiday shopping (no buying, unfortunatly - it's the small paycheck payday), hit my blogs......:yawn: I need to be at home mowing/edging/swimming; instead I'm here doing quite a bit of nothing. :grin:

Anybody know where I can score a complete (used) set of Lego Mindstorms for under $50? (Heck, under $100 would be terrific!) I think Himself would eat that up.....and eBay wants quite a bit more, even for the older sets. I scored the Lego Mindstorms Star Wars Droids set for $35.....I'd like to try and do the same on the Mindstorms if possible. I'm still light on his gifts - Herself is all done (all art-related - she'll LOVE it!), and I am running out of time here (I like to be completely finished by Nov. 1. LAST year, I was done by July 1. :sigh:)

Herself's 1st Communion is set for Sept. 30. She's trying to be nonchalant over it...but yesterday she was very carefully observing everything that went on at the alter. :snicker: She thinks she's So Grown Up...:lol:

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for a gal, isn't it? I'm actually coherent right now (not that you can tell...:grin:) Too bad it's wasted on IRS forms.....
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