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Totally worthless filler.....

The morning sky the past 2 days has been absolutly glorious! We have very very little light pollution, so the stars are bright - and with the new moon lately, it's been awesome. Venus (or some planet - I'm no astronomer) has been hanging brightly above the paddocks; Orion is shining brightly over the house - I would love to drag the telescope out and spend some time star-gazing (but don't have the time. :sigh:)

The weather is changing - the mornings are crisp and clear, and I have to wear a jacket. The horses are all full of piss'n'vinegar, as well. :grin: Fall is almost here.....mmmmmmmmmm, hot chocolate weather!

The kids were in rare form this morning....I had to drag out the "demented chicken" to get them out of bed (don't...just don't ask. I ususally wake them up by singing silly, stupid songs and tickling them...this morning that wasn't enough. Out came the demented chicken - they both woke up giggling. :grin:) Hey - beats some of the songs I come up with! :evil grin:

The morning rapidly devolved into a silly song contest - I won, because I cheat. :twisted: I know more lyrics then my children ever thought of - and Trout Fishing in America is one of my favorite groups. :evil grin: C'mon - you can't beat lyrics like "There's an Alien in my nose - an Alien in my Nose! And it's Gross Gross Gross Gross the Alien in my nose!" :snicker: Especially when you're trying to jolly children up in the morning......:snicker: :snerk:

Herself actually challenged me with something she made up....but I am a baby Bard and can scan odd lines to almost any tune. We ended up laughing ourselves silly - which is a *great* way to start a morning! Even if I did have to cook a full breakfast for everyone (I got up late, and sluggish, because I didn't sleep off all the allergy meds. :blech: So, no muffins this morning...I'll try again tomorrow)

Got the bills paid and still have money in the bank - whoo hoo! That's always encouraging. Of course, my truck has decided it needs the money - the guy at the oil change place suspects I have an (let me see if I can get this right) "engine coolant leak at the intake gasket" or....something. It involves a gasket - I think. :blink: It should be covered by the warranty - and apparantly Chevys are notorious for this...this....whatever it is. (I know exactly *this* much about vehicles: You put the gas in the hole-thingy in the back, and the key in the slot on the steering wheel. There's an engine there, under the hood, somewhere......and mine has 8 cylinders - whatever those are. It makes a nice "vroom vroom" sound when it's working correctly. If you hear anything else, and can't drown it out with the radio, you need to take it to a shop where the nice, patronizing man will take all your spare cash and your loose buttons and your firstborn child, and you *might* get a working vehicle back - maybe even the same one you brought in! Sometimes the tires go flat (but only on the bottom) and you have to replace them for even more money, and you are supposed to go to an Oil Change place every month (well, 3K miles - for me, a month about covers it) where they make lots of noise and do...something.....and that's the extent of my knowledge.) Lucky for me, one of our Guild members' husband owns his own shop (imagine that - a guy who actually *owns* his own business! - I'll shut up now...that wasn't very nice. No cookie for me!) and I have his number...somewhere. :grin: Will I understand what he tells me? Nope - but if he writes it down I can pretend that I do. Then I can go to the nice (*cough*cough*) dealership and pretend to know what I'm talking about. And be truck-less for...however long it takes to do...whatever they have to do to it. :grin:

We managed to squeeze in 2 more episodes of's not bad. I've seen them before - the kids haven' it's been interesting. Ah, well - keeps them happy, and that's the goal. I do need to sneak in something a bit more...educational, I think - Himself is slipping into the local vernacular, and I can't stand it. :grin: He is exhibiting a very distinctive twang......:shudder: Shakepeare or BritCom to the rescue! We're due for a Monty Python marathon soon, methinks....

In other news...2 of my uncles have died in the past week. My Uncle Joe died unexpectedly Friday from a massive heart attack (the funeral is today), and my Uncle Bill died this morning (he had a stroke about...2 weeks ago, and has been comatose since then.) :sigh: Life marches on... (man..what a downer to end on...I'll come up with something later)

Gotta run - gotta re-amend the CA return...for the 3rd friggin time.......stupid bank couldn't add their way out of a wet paper sack........
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