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Fun with numbers....

I *hate* *hate* *hate* doing the CA form 100S. Especially when it's no longer form 100S, but form 100X (Amended). I am pulling my hair out, here......

Every other freaking state only takes *their* income into account....not California. Oh, no - they take the FEDERAL numbers, and tax you on *that*. :bangs head: This makes doing an amended return Fun - where did *that* number come from? And what is it *supposed* to be? Or...what does CA WANT it to be.......:blech:

Of course, this is a moot point since the bank has filed 4 amended Federal returns...and #4 was WRONG again. :bangs head:

:deep breath: Now that *that's* out of my system...:grin:

Think I need to go rustle up some ice cream later - even if it is cold (for me) outside, ice cream makes *everything* better....

Ah - in other news, I broke my Artistree comb this weekend. :wail: It slipped right out of my hair, and I stepped on it. :cries: It's unfixable - the comb itself was curved, and there's no way to clamp it so that the glue will hold. :sigh: It was SUCH a pretty comb, too! Now I get to save up and buy another one.......

Wrist is about to drive me nuts (short trip...) I gotta break down and call the doc again, and see what's on the market that I might be able to take. :sigh:
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