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Previous Entry Whee! Sep. 27th, 2004 @ 08:09 pm Next Entry
It was ballet night, and I managed to spin 4+ oz on the Joy. With help, of course - for some reason, the ballet "A" students are fascinated with my "yarning" and like to help treadle. *g* It's not my best yarn, but that's ok - the kids added character to it.

I'm set up to demo at the Highland Games in Bedford 10/9-10/10. There's only 2 of us in our tent, though - so it'll probably be there instead of the arts and crafts tent. The organizer wasn't upset by that, though - so it'll be fun. I need to dig out some wildly colored wool to draw attention.......

Tomorrow is doctor day. I have an 8:30 at the pain clinic, Himself has a 10:30 with his pulmonary doc, and I have a 1:30 with the Orthoped. Fun day. At least Himself and I can go to Purple Cow for lunch (a '50's style soda fountain/dairy bar) - should be fun!

I just need 1 more referral to complete their offer, and I get a free iPod! Thanks to all who have already done this - I really appreciate it!


I'm almost out of Chocolate Tea...hope Adagio Teas gets my refill to me quickly! I gotta have it in the mornings! *g* It's better than hot chocolate - for me, anyway.

Hmmm, the kids are quiet - must go see if they have fallen asleep yet, so I can go to sleep. I can't sleep if either one of them are awake - no telling what they might do! *eg*
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The possessed iPod says:: Trout Fishing In America - It's a Puzzle
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