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God sure has a sense of humor.....

I mean, really!

I came to the (shocking) realization last night that I am *happy*, truly happy, for the first time in, well, years. I'm always joyful, but this is bubbling over, everything's coming up roses happy.

The kids got up in jolly moods today (the fact that it's "Talk Like a Pirate Day", and I put on my best Pirate Wench to get them up probably helped), and we were be-bopping all morning. Got to the daycare, and God decided to bring me back down to earth. :snicker:

I should explain the daycare - it's set up like an old-timey farm. There are 3 buildings, in a sort of "U" shaped set up. When you walk up, you enter a fenced-in, covered patio-area that is occupied by an antique John Deere tractor (there used to be bunnies there, too....I was on clean-up detail when the stray dogs discovered them...). You enter the "Farmhouse", where the office and infants are located, go past the "Chicken Coop", where the pre-schoolers go, and into the "Barn", where the school-agers stay. Got it? OK.

So, we all troop in this morning. I had to give the cat a few more lessons in not biting, then I followed the kids into the barn. Got them settled, gave them all kisses, and headed toward the door....only to be met by the biggest, hairiest, UGLIEST 8-legged demonspawn from the very depths of Hell - carried away there - it was a 2.5" - 3" (no, I am NOT exaggerating in the slightest) spider. :shudder:

The entire tri-county area heard me as I levitated to the opposite side of the room. The kids came running - one of the boys said "Hey - I'll get a cup!" while the daycare lady scrambled to find *something* to move him out with. (I'm standing on the back wall chanting "Step on him! Step on him!" while she's saying "Not me - nuh uh! He's too big!")

I have no idea what she did with it - but I was finally able to throw myself thru the door. :shudder: Yes, I am the laughingstock of the daycare - I don't care. That sucker was enormous - and he was after *me*.

I'll be searching for spider-stomping songs later, I think......
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